Roasted Vegetables, Philly & Harissa Tarts

A recipe developed exclusively for Philadelphia Professional by Jonny Pons
30 min
Prep time
1h 0min
Total time


    The makings of the

    Roasted Vegetables, Philly & Harissa Tarts

    1. 1

      Mix the Philadelphia together with the lemon zest, juice and salt and put in a piping bag, ready for filling the tart.

    2. 2

      Roast peppers on a BBQ or chargrill until the skin is charred. Leave to cool on a tray and with a knife peel away the skin.

    3. 3

      Remove seeds and cut into 1 cm wide slices. Place in a container with olive oil, thyme and basil stalks and leave to marinate in the fridge.

    4. 4

      Roll out the puff pastry, prick with a fork, then line a 10 cm tart mould.

    5. 5

      Egg wash and then bake at 190 °C for 12-16 minutes until golden brown.

    6. 6

      Wilt down a large handful of spinach. Pan fry the courgette slices and cherry tomatoes very quickly. Leave on a J-cloth ready to build the tart.

    7. 7

      Put half of the spinach in the tart case, add a few pipes of Philly mix and some harissa at the bottom. Then, build up the tart in layers with courgette, pepper, Philly mix, basil leaves and tomato.

    8. 8

      Bake on 180 °C for 6 minutes and serve on a bed of the remaining spinach.


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    Roasted Vegetables, Philly & Harissa Tarts

    Nutritional Information

    Typical valuesPer Serving
    Energy1742.0 kJ
    Energy416.3 kcal
    Fat27.7 g
    Carb32.5 g
    Protein6.9 g
    Saturated fat11.9 g
    Salt1.2 g
    Dietary fibre3.0 g
    Sugars5.2 g