Roasted Squash, Pea, Bacon and Philly Pasta

A recipe developed exclusively for Philadelphia Professional by Dean Crews
20 min
Prep time
30 min
Total time


    The makings of the

    Roasted Squash, Pea, Bacon and Philly Pasta

    1. 1

      Cook the squash in a pan of salted boiling water until tender and once cooked drain and allow to steam dry until cool.

    2. 2

      Cook the pancetta in a dry pan until coloured and add in the sage and squash. Season with black pepper but no salt, as the bacon will already be salty.

    3. 3

      Place a pan of water on for the pasta and once at a rolling boil add pasta, following the pack’s cooking time.

    4. 4

      Add the peas to the pancetta pan direct from the freezer and once defrosted add the Philadelphia and allow to warm through. Remove from heat and add the lemon zest and juice.

    5. 5

      Once cooked add the pasta direct to the pan. Take off the heat and add 2 tbsp of the pasta water to the pan and serve.


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    Roasted Squash, Pea, Bacon and Philly Pasta

    Nutritional Information

    Typical valuesPer Serving
    Energy2383.0 kJ
    Energy569.6 kcal
    Fat15.8 g
    Carb80.1 g
    Protein26.2 g
    Saturated fat8.9 g
    Salt1.6 g
    Dietary fibre10.1 g
    Sugars11.8 g